Programme Information

12th – 14th June 2019
Human Anatomy Resource Department
University of Liverpool

Familiarisation with BAPRAS / BOA Standards & 2016 NICE Guidelines

Wednesday 12th June 2019

08:30 Registration
09:15 Welcome and Introduction to standards for open tibial fracture management  Nayagam
09:25 Session 1 – (Moderator: Bell)
Lecture Room
A historical perspective in open tibial fracture treatment
09:40 Assessment and Management in the Emergency Room – Evidence for NICE and BOAST Guidelines  Nanchahal
09.55 Discussion
10.00 Wound extensions and soft tissue debridement  Bell
10.15 Bone Debridement  Giotakis
10.30 Discussion
10.40 Coffee break
10.55 Session 2 – (Moderator: Peterson)
Lecture Room
Compartment Syndrome
11.10 Vascular Injuries  Simmons
11.25 Degloving  Fattah
11.35 Discussion
11.45 Session 3
Cadaveric Lab
Demonstration of Fasciotomy technique
12.05 Cadaveric Workshop:

  1. Fasciotomy
  2. Creation of open fracture
  3. Debridement
13.00 Lunch Break
13.45 Session 4 – (Moderator: Giotakis)
Lecture Room

Temporary skeletal stability
14.00 Temporary dressings in open fractures: evidence for the guidelines  Nanchahal
14.15 Discussion
14.25 Session 5
Dry Bone Room
Dry bone workshop: Spanning external fixation across knee and ankle
15.40 Coffee Break
16:00 Session 6
Cadaveric Lab
Cadaveric workshop:
Application of spanning external fixator across tibia and ankle
17:00 END OF DAY
19:30 Course dinner: Italian Club – 85 Bold Street, Liverpool. L1 4HF

Thursday 13th June 2019

 8:45  Coffee  
9:00 Session 7 – (Moderator: Pearse)
Lecture Room
Principles of soft tissue cover in relation to open tibial fractures
 9:15 Definitive stabilisation: Internal or external fixation Saldanha
9:30 Discussion  
9:40 Session 8
Cadaveric Lab
Cadaveric Workshop
1. Distally based tibial fasciocutaneous flap
2. Clinical perforator localisation
11:00 Coffee Break  
 11:15 Session 9
Cadaveric Lab
Cadaveric Workshop:
1. Popliteal fossa exposure, Godina approach, Shunting
2. Creation of proximal soft tissue defect
3. Proximally based tibial faciocutaneous flap
4. Medial gastrocnemius flap



El Gawad

13:00  Lunch Break  
14:00 Session 10 – (Moderator: Saldanha)
Lecture Room
Amputation in open tibial fractures
14:15 Management of bone defects: principles and techniques Foster
14:30 Blast and high velocity injuries Simmons
14:45 Discussion  
14:55 Coffee Break  
15:15 Session 11
Cardaveric Lab
Cadaveric Workshop:
1. Application of Monocortical fixator
2. Semi-extended nailing of tibia
17:30 End of Day  

Friday 14th June 2019

08:45 Coffee
09:00 Session 12 – (Moderator: Fattah)
Lecture Room
Severe open fractures in children
09:15 When things go wrong with soft tissues El Gawad
09:30 When things go wrong with bone Taylor
09:45 Discussion
9:55 Session 13 – (Moderator: James)
Lecture Room

Orthopaedic management of bone infection
10:15 Antibiotic management of infection after fracture fixation. Folb
10:35 Discussion
10:40 Coffee Break
11:10 Session 14
Cadaveric Lab
Workshop on bone graft substitute insertion in osteomyelitis
12:00 Allocation of cases for discussion Bell
12:45 Lunch Break
13:30 Case presentations and discussion
15:30 Concluding remarks and Course certificates
(Optional) Free time for dissection